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Become a favored international company at home and abroad to adapt innovations and lead changes by closely monitoring technological improvements on informatics.

Cyber Security

Cyber Security has become a necessity today due to such social engineering attacks increased as DDoS, Botnets, SQL injection. We offer services in the field of cyber security.

Mobile Applications

Access to information through mobile applications, a new channel of communication
is very easy: We develop mobile applications for iOS, Android and Windows.

Big Data

Your data on electronic media is growing exponentially with each passing day. We introduce you the solutions for open-source, hypertabl, Hadoop to quickly process the large amount of data.


Oran Technology offers the knowledge and experience of which has acquired as a result of developing applications in engineering works to customers as trainings. It enhances collaboration with leading technology providers in its sector to share its achievements as institutional training and consultancy services.


Oran Technology has participated in the projects both national and international since its establishment, either alone or in consortium with by multiple companies.


USOM & SOME are vital structures to eliminate cyber incidents, and prevent or reduce the possible damage to occur, as well as provide the cyber incidents management at the national level with cooperation and coordination. These structures will make great contributions to National Cyber Security by working co-ordinately and more efficiently.

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